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 Residentail DumbwaitersDumbwaiters For Your Home

Easily move items between floors In your home and reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles, and even accidents by installing a dumbwaiter. Ideal for transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, laundry from bedrooms to utility room, bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, and hauling firewood from ground level to living space.


Options Below Represent Possible Options Available On Various Brands and Models

  • Custom sizes up to 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (60.9 cm x 60.9 cm x 60.9 cm)
  • 120 lb. (54 kg) capacity

  • Maximum travel distance of 35 ft. (10.6 m)

  • Can be installed at counter or floor level

  • Up to 4 stops

  • Automatic controls from any floor

  • Can accommodate openings on 1, 2 or 3 sides

  • Collapsible car gate

  • Painted steel standard

  • Stainless steel or hardwood veneer car optional

  • Operates on standard 120V house current

  • Broken cable safety device and slack cable disconnect

  • Knock-down construction optional

  • 2-year warranty

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