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Residential ElevatorElevators For Your Home

A home elevator makes it easier for people and items to move from floor to floor. Whether you are carrying groceries to your upstairs kitchen, entertaining friends on an upper level deck, or taking suitcases to the lower level garage, not having to walk stairs makes your life easier. It also gives people in wheelchairs – and those using walkers – the ease of accessing every floor of the home.

You cannot imagine how much a home elevator will upgrade your life until you experience owning one. No more struggling up two flights of stairs at the end of a long day with bulky packages or luggage; no more feeling your way downstairs while carrying something so large you cannot see where you're going. Residential elevators are not just for the elderly or disabled; they are perfect for any homeowner who is concerned about efficiency, convenience, and most of all, safety for the family.

If you are one of the many people with physical mobility challenges, you already know the value of elevators and similar accessibility devices in public facilities. Your own home should be one place you don't have to worry about moving around effortlessly, no matter where you want to go in your house, or how often. A residential elevator will give you maximum mobility with minimum effort throughout the levels of your home.

The List Below Represents Available Features On Various Brands and Models

  • Fully automatic mode
  • Automatic on/off interior lighting
  • Gradual acceleration and deceleration for gentle stops and starts
  • Surface mounted telephone
  • Choice of wall surface and lighting options
  • Battery back-up for operation even when the power goes out
  • Manual Emergency lowering button
  • Lockable Control Panel
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • In-use Indicator Lights 
  • Digital display in Cab
  • 3 Year Warranty

The List Below Represents Available Options On Various Brands and Models

  • Wide variety of cab sizes
  • Different cab heights depending on model
  • Optional finishes include:  hardwoods, raised surfaces, veneers and many other options
  • Hardwood flooring options
  • Doors and gates can come in a variety of finishes
  • Up to 6 stops
  • Telephone cabinet
  • Two exit opening
  • Keyed hall station
  • A variety of fixture finishes, handrail, trim, hall call station
  • Motorized door option (depending on model)

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