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Accessibility Solutions Binghamton, NY

Serving the Binghamton, NY Area Since 1996!

For 20 years, the professionals at Accessibility Solutions’ have provided residents, businesses, and places of worship in Binghamton and the surrounding Southern Tier  with the opportunity to pursue their lives and activities in their respective communities without architectural barriers through the sales, rental, installation, and service of high quality, reliable, and safe stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and dumbwaiters. Our highly trained technicians have successfully installed lift units throughout upstate New York, including  the greater Binghamton area.

 We provide a full range of Accessibility Solutions for the home and commercial applications including:

 Stair Lifts in Binghamton, NY

Binghamton NY Stairlifts

If getting up and down stairs is a challenge for you or someone you know then a stair lift from Accessibility Solutions will facilitate  accessing multiples floors in your home or business. Our inventory includes a variety of stair lift brands such as;  Bruno, Acorn, Harmar, Savaria and more.   Whatever your specific house or requirements are, our r stairlift professionals will help you select the best solution.  A stair lift from Accessibility Solutions is an affordable and safe option to regain access to areas of your home that were hard to use because of stairs.We service the Binghamton area from our location at 115 Luther Ave.  Liverpool, NY 13088. You can be confident that a CNY- based company will be available when needed. We're not one of those national chains with a "rep" in the area, we've been in upstate, New York for 20 years and have installed hundreds of stairlifts.


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 Wheelchair Lifts in Binghamton, NY

Binghanton NY Wheelchair Lifts

If you or someone you know is using a wheelchair then you understand the challenges of in and out of you home or business when navigating stairs. Accessibility Solutions has been installing wheelchair lifts in the Binghamton, NY area for many years.. Our professionals  have a variety of wheelchair lift solutions for every situation and budget. A wheelchair lift offers convenience and safety without the need to install cumbersome ramps. We have units that will work indoors as well as outside with a variety of safety features to provide peace-of-mind whenever you leave or enter your home or business.

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 Elevators In Binghamton, NY

Binghanton NY Elevators

If you need to move between multiple floors in your home or business,  consider a light use elevator from Accessibility Solutions.. Nothing compares to the style and convenience of an elevator when moving people or objects between multiple floors of a home or business. Our management team worked at Otis Elevators so we know a thing or two about lifts and elevators. If you need an elevator for your home or business in the Binghamton, NY area give us a call and we can work with you or your contractor to specify and install the best elevator for your application.

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 Dumbwaiters in Binghamton, NY

Binghanton NY Dumbwaiters

Accessibility Solutions has been installing lift units including dumbwaiters for over 20 years. Easily move items between floors In your home and reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles, and even accidents by installing a dumbwaiter. Ideal for transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, laundry from bedrooms to utility room, bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, and hauling firewood from ground level to living space.


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Accessibility Solutions Binghamton, New York Service Area

Accessibility Solutions serves  Binghamton, New York and the surrounding areas of: Vestal, Johnson City, Chenango, Union, Endicott, Whitney Point and the city of Binghamton

Binghamton Area Aging in Place Resources 

The  Baby Boomer generation is experiencing life differently than previous generations. For example, the decision to "age in place" or stay at home is preferable to moving into an assisted living community.  Today many Binghamton area seniors are choosing to stay in their homes  Remaining at home as time goes may require home modifications such as a stairlift or wheelchair lift from Accessibility Solutions. The following are informative websites that offer insights into aging in place. These sights offer resources, ideas and stories of other people just like you who reside in the southern Tier region:

 Click here to see the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Website>

Check out this website for aging in placea popular website aimed at helping individuals remain in their chosen home instead of assisted living.

The Broome County Office for the Aging assists older residents and their families and  caregivers with the services and benefits that seniors need to live independently and remain at home.