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Buying a Stair Lift in the Binghamton, NY Area.

Accessibility Solutions has been selling, installing and servicing stair lifts in Binghamton,  New York since 1996.  Our Central New York stair lift installers and service professionals are dedicated to providing accessibility to the residents and businesses in the Southern Tier with a full-range of stair lift options. Accessibility Solutions offers the opportunity to live and work free from architectural barriers and without expensive modifications to your home or business.

Our experienced professionals will work with you to determine your needs and provide a stair lift solution that will work within your budget and your home.  Our highly trained technicians have successfully installed lift units throughout the Binghamton area,including: surrounding areas of: Vestal, Johnson City, Chenango, Union, Endicott,and Whitney Point .

We service the Binghamton, NY area from our location at 115 Luther Ave. Liverpool, NY 13088.  Unlike many accessibility providers, Accessibility Solutions is not part of a national chain with a "guy" in the area,so you can be confident that a local company will be there when needed.. We have installed hundreds of stairlifts in Binghamton, NY for over 20 years.


How to select the correct stair lift

A stair lift is a motorized lift that runs on a rail attached to the stairs of your home. Most stair lifts today are powered by batteries that are constantly charged by the rail and use standard 110v power. The majority of stair lifts  incorporate a reliable, smooth and quite rack & pinion drive system for years of low-maintenance use.


What type of stair lift do I need?

Stair lifts are available in two basic configurations: straight and curved, which one you need depends upon the they type of staircase you have and whether you need a stair lift for indoors or outdoors. An Accessibility Solutions stair lift specialist will help you select the 

1. Straight Stair lifts -- If you have straight stairs, then this type of stair lift is an affordable option for assisting you to get up and down the stairs in your home. This is the perfect solution for multi-story homes with straight staircases.

2. Curved Stair lifts -- This type of stair lift is useful on curved staircases, staircases that turn with landings, or any staircase that is not straight.

3. Outdoor Stair lifts -- This is the perfect solution for stairs leading into a building or exterior staircases on a hill. We have outdoor stair lifts for both straight and curved staircases, or stairs with landing


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