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Questions About Stairlifts

If you are considering a stairlift for your home, this easy to follow document will provide the information you need to make an informed decision about its selection and installation. Stairlifts can be used indoors or outdoors and can be installed in almost any location or staircase configuration.

What Is A Stairlift and How Does It Work?
A stairlift is a motorized lift that runs on a rail attached to the stairs of your home. Most lifts today are powered by batteries that are constantly charged by the rail and use standard 110v power. The majority of stairlifts incorporate a reliable, smooth and quite rack & pinion drive system for years of low-,maintenance use.

What type of stairlift do I need?
Stairlifts are available in two basic configurations: straight and curved.  Which one you need depends upon the type of staircase you have and whether you need a stairlift for indoors or outdoor use.

1.  Straight Stairlifts --   If you have straight stairs, then this type of stairlift is an affordable option for assisting you to get up and down stairs. This is the perfect solution for multi-story homes with straight staircases.

2. Curved Stairlfts -- This type of stairlift is useful on curved staircases, staircases that turn with landings, or any staircase that is not straight.

3.  Outdoor Stairlifts -- This is the perfect choice for stairs leading into a building or exterior staircases on a hill. We have outdoor stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases, or stairs with landings.

Will a stairlift installation require modification to my home?
A modern stairlift does not require home modifications. Today’s stairlifts, whether straight or curved,  attach to the stair treads, not the wall, making a neat and safe installation while not altering your interior architecture.  This installation procedure is done by our certified technicians, insuring the stairlift is very sturdy and can be installed on either side of the staircase in almost any home.

How safe are stairlifts?
Today’s stairlifts include standard safety features including:  a seat & foot rest that fold up so that your stairs can be used by everyone, a generous sized size with multiple seat heights, continuous charge strips along the entire rail so the unit will be charged wherever it stops on the staircase, a  standard swivel seat ensuring an easy  exit at the top of the stairs and a weight capacity up to 350 lbs.

Will the stairlift still work when the power goes out?
Yes, all of our stairlifts are powered by continuously charged batteries, so your stairlift will continue to operate even if the power is out.

What type of options are available?
There are a variety of options available depending on your requirements and budget including:

  • A variety of seat upholstery selections to fit your home decor

  • A power swivel seat at the top landing for easy exit and entry

  • A power folding footrest that automatically folds up when the seat is raised, and flips down when the seat is lowered

  • A larger footrest

  • A larger seat is available

  • Manual or power folding rails at the bottom of your stairs to reduce the likelihood of tripping or blocking an entrance or door

  • Painted rail to fit into your decor

  • Optional 400 lb. weight capacity

Do Your Stairlifts Come With A Warranty?
Yes, all new stairlifts come with the full manufacturer's warranty, up to 5 years depending on the stairlift and the manufacturer.

How Long Will It Take To Install My New Stairlift?
If you have a straight staircase with no turns or landings, the majority of stairlifts are installed within a few hours on the same day with no modification to your staircase and little to no disruption in your daily routine. Curved staircases and staircases with landings usually require some custom fabricating to fit your exact specification and may take longer to fabricate and install.

Will the Stairlift fit my existing staircase?
Yes, most stairlifts are designed to fit a standard 36” staircase, when the seat is folded, most stair lifts only take up 12" to 15" of the stairway.

Does a stairway need to have a wall on both sides to accommodate a stair lift?
No, stair lifts typically are anchored to the stair treads, so a wall is not needed.

Do my stairs need to be reinforced to handle the stairlift?
No, If your stairs are structurally safe for everyday use will not require any additional support for the stairlift.

How long will the batteries last?
Batteries will last for several years with consistent use and proper charging

Can other people still use the stairs?
Yes, when not in use your stairlift can be folded out of the way. Our straight stairlifts range between 11.25”-13” from the wall when folded up. Curved lifts are larger units and take up a few inches more depending on the type of stairs.

Does a stairlift have special electrical requirements?
No, stairlifts today are mostly low voltage DC units. The electrical requirements for a DC unit are very low and typically an existing 110 volt outlet in used to power the lift. Most lifts are supplied with 25’ of low voltage wire. Therefore, an existing household outlet can typically be used. Since an electrician is not required to add a dedicated line, both money and time are saved.

How difficult is it to operate a Stairlift?
Stairlifts are remarkable easy to use! Simply hold the drive lever on the end of the arm until the lift stops at the top landing, then swivel the seat so your feet are now on the top landing in same direction as if you were walking up the stairs. Although swiveling at the top is very easy, some riders elect to install an optional seat motor which does the swiveling for them.